“Macbeth”, as edited by Nathan Criman, presented by Warren Players, erupts right from the witches’ cauldron onto the Struthers Library Theatre stage, July 24-26 at 8 p.m. and July 27 at 2 p.m. William Shakespeare’s famous epic tragedy tells the story of Macbeth’s (Andrew Stalder) undoing by three witches’ (Katie Gray, Sarah Roney, and Abbey Koebley) enchantments and the scheming of his very own wife, Lady Macbeth (Haley Nelson).

Rounding out the cast is Randy Johnson (Banquo), Jeremiah Shepherd (Macduff), Eric Zavinski (Lennox), Michael Shingler (Ross), Jordan Burrows (Malcolm), Connor Rosborough (Angus/Seyton), Tristan Brumigan (Duncan), Dray Anderson (Donalbain/Siward), Alexis Delco (Hecate), Samantha Tome (Lady Macduff/Old Woman), Andy Lawani (Fleance), Jalayna Latshaw (Gentle Woman), Sydney Ewing (Doctor), Ian Laih (Sergeant), John Wortman (Porter), Amy Simmons (Young Siward/Macduff’s Daughter), Ryan McGuiness (Meneith), and Bryan Johnson (Caithness).

“Macbeth” is student directed by Jordan Ewing and John Wortman and mentored by Deborah Murphy and R. Scott Schriner. This dramatic work is performed and produced by youth in all areas of production under the mentorship of seasoned Warren Players members. The production team includes Gregory Swab, production manager, mentored by Deborah Murphy; Alex Dolinger, stage manager, mentored by R. Scott Schriner; Mayan Cook, costume mistress, mentored by Dixie Brumagin; Haley Genberg, set design and construction, mentored by Gary Brumagin; Sean McGuinness and Barb Crowley lighting design; Sam Bailey, sound technician; and Mayan Cook, Haley Genberg and Gregory Swab, properties, mentored by Deborah Murphy.

Tickets are $10 per person and may be purchased in advance by calling the theatre’s office at 723-7231. Children age 5 and younger are admitted free. Assisted listening devices and handicapped seating may also be reserved. “Macbeth” is produced by special arrangement with Encore Performance Publishing.