Meds for prison might be open to bidding

A “handshake agreement” between the Warren County Commissioners and Crone’s Pharmacy has saved the county a lot of money for prisoners’ prescription drugs over the years, and now other pharmacies may be interested.

During Tuesday morning’s meeting of the Prison Board, Commissioner John Bortz said he had received a letter from Gaughn’s Pharmacy expressing an interest in the program.

Commissioner John Eggleston said since they don’t know what medicines will be needed from month to month, it would be difficult to put the program out for bids.

Bortz wondered if Paul Pascuzzi, the county’s fiscal director, could figure out what type of process they could use.

Commissioner Chairman Stephen Vanco noted that Chris Darling, the pharmacist and owner at Crone’s, currently runs the program through his Sugar Grove pharmacy, which benefits the community.

Greg Deivert, deputy warden for the Warren County Jail, said, “I’ll have Mr. Pascuzzi, the (jail) nurse and I sit down and work something out.”

Pascuzzi asked the Prison Board if this would be open to all of the county’s pharmacies, and they said yes.

Deivert reported the jail population in June was down about 5 percent, to 105 inmates, of which 84 were male and 21 female. He said the county received $12,048.68 for housing Forest County prisoners, and $3,989.60 for Elk County prisoners.

Speaking of prison work crews, he said, “We’ve been really busy this month.” He added that June’s work crews performed 462 hours of community service for various government and non-profit organizations, and said the good conduct and early release earned from the program contributed to the decreasing inmate population.

Organizations interested in using a work crew should call 723-2486.