Blight panel: Just one property

The Blighted Property Review Committee has just one property under review, and it has an absentee owner.

The owner is Dorothy Zobrist, although the property is apparently under the control, albeit long-distance, of her son Gary who is retired and living in Florida, according to Paul Pascuzzi, chairman of the BPRC.

The property consists of a building and a trailer at 458 Townline Road in Pine Grove Township.

Pascuzzi said that Zobrist was notified of the blight designation in April, and was first given 30 days to address the situation, then an additional 30 days.

“Now it’s July, and nothing has been done,” he said. He added that an additional communications with Zobrist requested written documentation of what plans he has.

Zobrist replied with a handwritten letter, which Pascuzzi read to the committee. In essence, he wrote that he was “financially strapped,” and a neighbor on Townline Road had agreed to demolish and clean up the property for salvage.

He wrote that the neighbor has been working on the interior of the first building and plans on pulling it down next week. The neighbor estimates that it will take six months to finish.

Pascuzzi asked committee member and Pine Grove Township supervisor Charles Morrison if any work has been done, and Morrison replied, “The only tracks up there are mine.”

Warren County Commissioner John Eggleston, who is also on the committee, said “I think we should continue with the process,” which he explained means handing it to the Warren County Planning Commission, which could forward it to the Warren County Redevelopment Authority for action, or return it to the BPRC for more work.