Main Ave. overpass gets deep rebuild

Main Avenue overpass is undergoing a full-depth reconstruction.

The $1.37 million PennDOT project will cause traffic diversions, but no detours.

It is expected to be done in October or November.

The I.A. Construction crew tore up 15 and a half inches of the road. On Wednesday, the crew was putting down nine inches of base coat.

“There will be another full-depth reconstruction taking place on the Pleasant Drive side,” Transportation Construction Manager Chad Tarr said.

“We’re moving to Phase II of construction on Monday,” Tarr said.

Both north- and southbound traffic will travel in the former southbound lanes.

Once the approaches are complete, the bridge itself will be the subject of attention. The deck of the 125-foot single-span steel girder bridge will be replaced using a “break and seat” application, Tarr said. “We’ll fracture the concrete and we’ll pave over top of it.”

A 50-ton roller will “seat” the concrete, he said. The crew will then pave that new surface with asphalt.

“There will be no detour throughout the project,” Tarr said. “There will be three phases to the traffic control.”

Access to and from the Route 6 ramps will be open throughout the construction.

Workers at the scene asked that motorists remember that “it is against the law in Pennsylvania to be on a cell phone in a construction zone.”