Youngsville man called ‘menace’ during sentencing

A Youngsville man received a county jail sentence but not after some strong words from the judge and district attorney.

Devin Powell was sentenced on two counts during sentence court proceedings last week aggravated assault amended to simple assault and corruption of minors.

Warren County District Attorney Robert Greene said that “Mr. Powell is a menace to society.” Calling Powell’s crimes his “fun and games,” Greene advocated for a state sentence in the hope that the state can “teach him some lessons.”

Citing his prior juvenile record, Skerda said that he agreed with Greene, “you are a menace to society.”

The corruption of minors county included contact with a 16-year-old. “You’re 22 years old,” Skerda said to Powell. “Why were you associated with a 16-year-old?”

In giving the sentence, she said that it is the court’s responsibility to protect “society’s needs over your needs.”

Powell was sentenced 120 days to one year in the Warren County Jail, to pay $150 in fees, a $500 fine and $377.22 in restitution on the assault county. Additionally, he was ordered to participate in anger management services, ordered to undergo a drug and alcohol evaluation and sentenced to 80 hours of community service. On the corruption of minors count, Powell was sentenced to two years probation in addition to a six-months to one year prison sentence. He was given credit for 75 days time served.

President Judge Maureen Skerda said that the minimum prison sentence is six months plus 120 days to two years less one day.