Dear editor:

Some years ago CNN had their news based on false propaganda that Israel, the only nation founded in the faith, was responsible for all the trouble in the Mideast.

I had been watching the Mideast since the 1950s. Some church’s accepted the news media lie which CNN propagandized to make Israel the scapegoat in the middle east. Israel has never attacked any nation which has not first attacked Israel. Israel is the smallest nation in the Mideast, and Israel is the toughest nation in the Mideast. If Palestinians attack Israel as in any other war ever fought they better expect casualties. The Palestinians in former wars had casualties which CNN cried about the poor little old murdering Palestinians being wounded. CNN spread their propaganda making Israel the culprit.

Americans like me sat in our living rooms watching the news media propaganda and our blood was boiling in our veins at the news media facade.The spirit of Hitler did not die when he did it is alive and well today in Washington D C and in our bought and paid for news media.

If a news media fails to do it’s job right and report both sides of the story, as Walter Murray once said, a just God always has someone waiting in the wings who will tell people the truth. I was praying and waiting for any truthful network and Fox showed up. I don’t care what Hannity is, I don’t care what O’Reilly, is I don’t care what Krautthammer is, as long as they tell the truth.

If the Democratic party ever turns Democratic again I may register Democrat. But right now all they want to do is dictate everything and leave nothing for the loyal opposition.

Some day all these powerful men Democrats as well as Republicans who worked too set up Oslo swindle of the ages will stand before a just God and shake in there boots because they full well knew the Palestinians who had terrorized every nation they ever lived in would not bring peace to the Holy Land.

Good day

Shannon J.Hannah Sr.