Our opinion: WGH, onward

Change is seldom easy, and when that change involves the top leadership of a key community resource, it is never easy.

We’re talking, of course, of Warren General Hospital’s transition in leadership that was announced last week.

A community the size of Warren is extraordinarily lucky to have an acute care hospital like Warren General, and even more fortunate to have a regional cancer center with the reputation of ours, in its midst.

Changing leadership of this extraordinary medical institution is no easy task, and we’re confident the decision came at the conclusion of long and serious contemplation.

Given the long history of our hospital and its growth over the years, we have every confidence that its board of directors made its decision based on the best interest of the institution.

Now comes the search for new leadership, a search process that will likely take months. We’re also confident that the key administrative personnel in that middle echelon of management will continue to keep the hospital running as efficiently and as effectively as before so that patients won’t notice any degradation of care, compassion or response to their needs.

We wish the board well with its search. So much is riding on the outcome of that process, not only for the hospital itself, but for the community it serves.