Commissioners mull financial services

During a workshop session Monday morning, the Warren County Commissioners discussed participation in the Pa. Local Government Investment Trust (PLGIT), an independently managed financial organization.

PLGIT provides checking and card services for governments across the commonwealth, according to Warren County Fiscal Director Paul Pascuzzi.

“It’s like a credit union for local governments. Membership is free, and interest rates are very attractive, compared to banks,” he said.

Commissioner John Borzt asked, “We have 40 to 50 some accounts. Is it possible to move those funds into PLGIT?”

“Absolutely,” Pascuzzi replied. He added that the City of Warren is using the program. He said “procurement cards” are also available, similar to bank or credit cards. Pascuzzi explained that not only do the cards provide another tool for controlling spending, they offer annual cash back benefits.

He said the commissioners could determine where the cards could be used and what amounts could be spent by individual departments.

Commissioner John Eggleston asked Pascuzzi, “Are you on the record as giving us an unqualified recommendation?” Pascuzzi said, “Yes.”

In other business, Commissioner Chairman Stephen Vanco brought up bids for cleaning services for county buildings, and said that Sheriff Ken Klakamp had indicated to him that the cleaning staff would need security clearances, including fingerprinting.

For the Salary Board portion of the meeting, the commissioners agreed to move Charles Sowa from a part-time position to a full-time one, with a pay-rate of $9.49 per hour, and similarly, Joshua Gonzales to full-time corrections officer with a pay of $12.68 per hour. Eggleston said the move replaced two other part-time positions, because people didn’t want part-time work.

Sue Kern, human relations for Warren-Forest Human Services reported that they were currently conducting interviews for either a caseworker 1 or 2, and the job title would depend on the qualifications of the selected candidate.