Sec. of Aging to visit Warren

State Department of Aging Secretary Brian Duke will be in Warren on Wednesday.

There will be a public meet-and-greet at 11:30 a.m. at the Allegheny Community Center, with lunch at noon. Sue Himes, Community Development director, said those wishing to have the lunch should call 723-3237. As there is a limited number of seats for the lunch, reservations will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.

Farley Wright, Area Agency on Aging director, said, “I’d like to think it’s because we’ve made a mark for our senior services, and our decision to move away from RSVP caught their attention.”

He also believes that the Allegheny Community Center is attention-grabbing.

Wright added, “We had a gentleman from Temple University give some training programs here, and he told our board, ‘You need to know this the Allegheny Community Center is the envy of the rest of Pennsylvania’.”

He said Duke places a large emphasis on healthy lifestyles and will likely talk about nutrition, exercise and critical social connections.

A recent $75,000 grant from the department will allow upgrades to computers and other equipment, and “training the trainers” who will teach community members who volunteer their service. “Just because you’ve turned 65, doesn’t mean you can’t still be vibrant and active,” he said.