Y’ville boro approves franchise resolution

Move over Youngsville Television Corp., you’re now not the only cable TV provider in town.

During Youngsville Borough Council’s July meeting held on Monday afternoon, council unanimously approved a resolution that provides a cable television franchise agreement with WestPA.net.

Councilman Steve Morris said that the borough had to seek outside legal consultation on this issue which indicated that franchise agreements cannot be exclusive.

“Whether we want to come in or not, we cannot deny their request by federal law,” he said.

Rick Hutley, listed as president on the corporation’s website, said that the Youngsville TV “has issues with the borough offering a franchise agreement to WestPA.” Citing a letter of intent, Hutley said that the corporation is committed to bring in a third-party expert to “correct any and all issues,” within a maximum time frame of 45 days, potentially less.

He explained that once the issues are “corrected and maintained,” the corporation will seek to enhance options to customers.

When members of the public asked why this agreement was being sought, Councilman Eric Mineweaser said “that was the question I was going to ask.” He posited that the borough received sufficient complaints regarding Youngsville TV service and said that he “believes that is why they came to the borough. I don’t believe the borough went to them.”

John Neff acknowledged internal issues with the television corporation but asked “if the franchise is given, (will) Youngsville TV allowed to compete… or be pushed out?”

“We have no say,” Councilman Eric Leamon added. “You compete with DirectTV, Dish Network, it’s the exact same thing.”

When questions of infrastructure were raised, Morris was quick to point out that, as borough council, “it’s not our gig.”

Representatives from WestPA.net indicated to council that they would seek to put up their own lines.

Council unanimously approved the agreement with Councilman John Pollow abstaining as he is a member of the Youngsville Television Corp. board.