Sheffield Area News In Brief



Hospitality Center

The menu for the week will be: Monday, goulash, tossed salad with choice of homemade dressings and Kelly’s famous cream puffs. Thursday brings hamburger gravy on mashed potatoes, vegetable and home-made cinnamon rolls for dessert. Friday’s buffet features chicken tenders and fruit among other entrees. Do you have a favorite recipe? Kelly is always looking for something ‘special’ to serve. Please give 24 hours notice for your meal reservation.

Some of this week’s highlights are good conversation and games of pool on Monday. Tuesday is Senior night out, pick-up starts at 4 with a nice dinner with your friends, then some shopping, and of course a stop at Frosty Chalet for ice cream before returning home.

Wednesday is shopping or doctor visits or whatever you need to do in Warren with TAWC bus. Let them do the driving, need a reservation? Call and the center will make it for you.


October 4-12, New Orleans if you are thinking about this wonderful affordable trip $749. The last day is Aug. 1. The center has two motor coaches so there will be lots of room for pick up in Warren and Sheffield

It’s off to HAWAII in November 1-8.

2015-April 25-May 3 Miami & Key West, $729 Brochures available

Spring 2015 New York City and 911 Museum, still waiting on cost.


Summer Reading Program will wrap up on Monday, July 14, from 10:30 a.m. to noon for children age 4 years to 8 years old.

Coming Events

July 14-18 Sheffield United Methodist Church Vacation Bible School

July 18 -2 Sheffield Alumni Association Weekend

July 27 Sheffield Rod & Gun 3D Shoot

Aug. 17 -23 SVFD Fireman’s Festival

Aug. 24 Sheffield Rod & Gun 3D Shoot

Sept 20/21-Fire Police Hosting Meeting

Sept 21 Sheffield Rod & Gun 3D Shoot

Oct 10, 11, 12-Johnny Appleseed Festival