More irritants

Dear Editor,

Irritants, continued:

Recently, I was stopped at a red light at Pennsylvania and Hickory Street heading south. When the light turned green I started moving out, then I noticed a young girl approaching from the left, bowing down with her eyes glued to her smart phone oblivious to any activity around her. As she walked in front of me, I quickly hit the brakes and blew the horn.

She looked up from her phone just long enough to give me the middle finger salute and a resentful glare indicating she should be there, not my car. She then continued across the street against the “Don’t Walk” light.

It’s so sad that these young people (and some not so young) have such inferior complexes and lack a sense of security that they have to bow to their phones constantly. I guess they just can’t exist without being “connected.”

Tom Capello, Sr.