Antlerless apps must wait until Monday, July 14

The time to submit applications for antlerless deer licenses has almost come.

Warren County Treasurer Dennis Munksgard is required by Pennsylvania Game Commission regulation to return applications that arrive before the second Monday in July – that’s Monday, July 14, this year.

Because July 1 was on a Tuesday, this year is an example of the latest possible opening date.

The application date is listed multiple times in the Pennsylvania Hunting and Trapping Digest distributed to hunters and available at the treasurer’s office.

Envelopes that arrive through the end of business on Friday will be sent back, causing delays in those applications.

Munksgard has had to do that with dozens of applications so far this year.

Those who receive their applications back – return-to-sender – may resubmit, but they will need a new, pink envelope.

Many hunters could already have a spare envelope on hand. “We give them two envelopes in case they’re sending more than three applications,” Munksgard said. No more than three applications may be sent in one envelope.

The pink envelopes have detailed instructions printed on them. The proper materials, including payment by check or money order, must be enclosed, and the envelope must be delivered by U.S. Postal Service regular first-class mail. Priority and express mail will not be accepted, nor will envelopes delivered by any other service.