Pools busy despite weather

Area swimming pools are seeing similar numbers to previous years for passes and budgets.

Lisa Hagberg, Youngsville Borough manager, said she is still working on June’s figures for the Brokenstraw Valley Swimming Pool, but the number of passes are about the same as last year.

Additionally, budgeted work is about the same. “We budgeted $7,000 in the capital reserves (for underwater LED lights), and the actual invoice was $7,700.”

She said Bob Williams made up the difference with money from a fund specifically dedicated to the pool, which was set up years ago by area businessmen.

There is also repair work being done on the heating system, so currently they are relying on solar heaters.

The borough is also raffling off two children’s pedal cars donated by Roger Luvison to benefit the pool.

On Saturday, July 12, the pool will hold a Bottle Boat Race from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Participants will build boats using plastic bottles for flotation, then race them. Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place; best theme, best costume and most creative boat.

Participation and vendor registrations are available at the borough building, the pool, or on the Friends of BSVP and You just might be from Youngsville Facebook pages.

Cindy Strandburg, administrative assistant for the City of Warren, estimated there are currently about 80 season passes for the Warren Municipal Pool, compared to 102 this time last year.

She said, “After July 2, they will go on sale for half price.”

She added that actual attendance numbers vary “because we’ve had so many rainy days. On hot sunny days, the numbers are right up there with previous years.”