Dear editor:

Adding to the list of “irritants” I submitted to this column recently:

Here in Warren there are several signs requesting dog owners to puck up after their “messes.”Most do abide by this as on my bicycle rides and walks I see and talk to many people walking their dogs.

Why then are the Amish horses that come into town allowed to do their “thing?” It’s so disgusting when I’m in my car and have to swerve for a “pile” or forced to drive through it.

I don’t care one bit about Amish religious beliefs; they live their life, I live mine.

But, what I want is an ordinance prohibiting those stinking horses from coming in or near town. If local residents think the Amish are such great carpenters, they should have to go to Sugar Grove and pick them up. I’ve had it with this crap!

Continuing: A recent article in the WTO about the Conewango Dam got my interest, and so did the letter by Lou Dussia commenting on the dam.

Well, I decided to check it out myself. What is the big deal? Where does the last from the American Rivers Restoration Program get her information?

Yes, there have been drownings “in the area” of the dam. I found out that there was a pedestrian bridge close by and kids played on this bridge. Supposedly, some fell off and drowned so the bridge was removed. Any other drownings “in the area” had nothing to do with the dam.

This dam (what’s left of it) should be considered a historical sight due to the fact it diverted water to the Hazeltine wool mill many years ago. As I checked out the area I believe I found the remains of the foundation from the old mill. A prominent sign could be erected describing the area, reflecting long ago industry in the area. Other things can be “historical” besides old downtown buildings.

I agree with Lou Dussia; this Lisa Segedy from the American Rivers group wants to make a name for herself and just aching to spend tax dollars on something stupid and unnecessary.

Tom Capello, Sr.