Sheffield Recovering

The late June flooding in Sheffield may have receded, but the damage remains.

Work on Kim Watson’s family home on Barnes Street is continuing as they can afford it. She said friends and family were amazing with help.

“I can’t believe how many people are offering help,” she said.

She added that the Red Cross helped, as well.

“It’s coming along, we are getting there,” she said. “We’re making out OK. We are tearing off the outside because water was trapped knee-high in the insulation.” She added that they are pulling up the floorboards and removing that insulation, as well.

“We are still staying at the house, and the (grand)children still have their room,” she said.

Watson said that part of the house settled and they are jacking it up to place new piers and foundations for support.

Others were not so fortunate.

The Stylin’ beauty salon is closed, and the operator retired. An adjoining apartment, also on the ground floor no longer has a tenant.

The building is owned by Royce and Michelle Blum, who also own and operate Sheffield Beer and Ice.

Michelle said that everything in the beauty salon must be replaced, adding, “There is quite a bit of damage.”

She said they have flood insurance, and an adjuster came last Friday, but he is running weeks behind and it could be three months before they find out how much is covered. “It’s just a waiting game,” she said.

Additionally, Sheffield Beer and Ice had “two or three feet of water, and the front of the building has been gutted,” she said. “We lost $5,000 worth of beer.” She said that a representative from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration told them they cannot sell the beer, although the business is still up and running, selling undamaged beer.

Blum added that the flood lifted the back of the building by about four inches, and insulation had to be removed because it was soaked.