Our opinion: Shame on them

It’s not often that property crime rises to the level of revulsion, but this is one of those times.

On Monday we learned that as many as 100 veterans markers were stolen from the Sheffield Cemetery, we suspect by perpetrators intent on rendering down their bronze to reap the value as scrap since the aluminum ones were spared.

If there is a more cowardly crime that offends our sense of duty and patriotism more, we can’t immediately bring it to mind.

Those markers represent the honor and gratitude we as a nation hold for our veterans. Indeed, they are in many cases, the final, lasting tribute to their sacrifices. For, although they have passed, their work, their bravery, their commitment to this nation and its security should never be forgotten.

Instead, sometime in the dead of night, some one or some group of people decided that the value of base metal is worth more than what those markers represent.

While those markers are an expression of our thanks, their theft cannot detract from the esteem in which we hold those who rest below them.

We will maintain that the perpetrators of this deed are themselves worthless and revolting.

These thieves should know that every effort will be made to find them, try them and convict them. And, we look forward to reporting that sequence in detail.