Highly gifted program approved by school board

A proposal to provide a unique educational offering in the form of a pilot program for district students identified as highly gifted have been approved by the Warren County School District board of directors.

The proposal, put forth by Learning Enrichment Center staff, would create a pilot program for highly gifted third graders who, instead of their traditional one day per week, would be provided the option to spend every school day at the LEC in the 2014-2015 school year

At the school board’s committee meetings last month, LEC instructor Andrew Pollard said, “What we are proposing is compaction and acceleration. We would like to use our current curriculum and compact it for these kids.”

LEC staff have assured the district that no additional space or staffing would be required to attempt to the pilot.

The only additional cost would be $10,000 in transportation.

In addition to several members of the public who spoke in support of the proposal, Superintendent Dr. William Clark spoke positively about the potential of the pilot.

“A lot of initiatives the district can undertake,” he said. “What I like to see is what we can generate from within I applaud the LEC staff.

“I always look at education as a buffet. Here’s an opportunity for us to take some students that are on the upper end (and) develop creative programs. Yes, there are minimal costs to the district.”

He said administration is planning quarterly updates to the board on the status of the pilot.

“Where it leads down the road, that’s up to the program,” he said. “We’re here to provide opportunities for kids.”