Smooth 4th; Bags helped parade cleanup

Looking back over the holiday weekend, local officials are pleased with the way events transpired.

Mike Holtz, Warren’s director of public works, said, “I thought it went pretty well, pretty smooth. The weather was good.”

“Historically, DPW comes out the morning following the parade, around 3 a.m. The clean-up was minimal this year, compared to years past,” he said.

He attributed that to the effort by volunteers from Whirley DrinkWorks! and others, who handed out garbage bags in advance of the parade, then followed the procession collecting the filled bags.

The carnival and celebration at Betts Park also was smooth, according to Holtz. “There were a few ruts from carnival trailers that we obviously expected. They were manageable,” he added.

“Generally things went very well. There were no major issues to report,” said Warren City Police Chief Raymond Zydonik. “After all, we have been doing this for 67 years so hopefully we have it down to a science. The detour works pretty well as most local residents know about it and will avoid the area. Trucks that need to use United (Refining) or Crossett are aware of the detour and make arraignments so it is generally not a problem. The parade route was open by around 3 p.m. which is generally on schedule.”

“Fireworks went well with no major issues,” he added. “Again, traffic patterns have been in place for many years which work really well. Traffic can get cleared in about 30 minutes or so. This is a tremendous accomplishment based upon the number of cars in and around Betts Park.

“Anytime you have large crowds of people and alcohol there is always a potential for something to happen. I believe we are prepared to the best of our ability and that we provide an excellent service based upon our resources.

“The officers are the ones that deserve the credit. They are never permitted to take vacation on the day of the parade and fireworks. They work tirelessly during the week of the Fourth so that all the families, friends, and visitors can have a safe and memorable holiday,” he concluded.