School district

Dear editor:

If I understand everything correctly. The new school Superintedant is getting a raise. Sugar Grove and Russel Elementary schools are closing and all the chidren will be at EHS. There will be less teacher positions, however no big changes in Administration. One of the questions the news paper asked was if we were willing to take an increase in taxes to help pay fund the Education system in Warren. No, we don’t want increase in our taxes. We want our tax money used responsibly. I don’t want Administration to get raises,I don’t want to pay for their air conditioning and carpet for RES. It would be beneficial to the elementary children at EHS to have a library and play ground.

There must be a legal way to fight the useless, money hungry people that sit on the board giving themselves raises at the cost of our children. There must be many parents and perhaps a lawyer or two that will join together abd fight.

“The only thing needed for evil (or money hungry administers and school boards)to prevail is good men (the community) do nothing.

I’m signing this so anyone/everyone who thinks we can cause changes due to our numbers can get a hold of me on FB…Lawyers welcome. We have to stand together and make some changes.

Lillian Ibbs