Algae problem improving in Allegheny Res.

The Allegheny Reservoir has had potentially toxic blooms of blue-green algae in recent years, but this year it seems to be in better shape.

“I talked to our water quality people,” Doug Helman, resource manager for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Kinzua Dam said on Wednesday. “She thinks the extra rain, cold winter and high flows give us a favorable outlook” this year.

He explained that the algae needs nutrients and warm waters to flourish, and the reservoir’s water temperatures have been cooler because of the winter.

Additionally, most of the nutrient-rich sediments and suspended solids from the Salamanca, N.Y. area, and the upper reaches of the reservoir tend to settle before reaching most of the Pennsylvania sections.

He added that Quaker Lake, located in Allegany State Park, which drains into the reservoir in New York, is one of the early areas to develop blue-green algae blooms, although the algae is always present in the water.

Recent articles in the Jamestown Post-Journal reflect a concern over blue-green algae blooms in Chautauqua Lake.