Dear editor:

I love ideas. Everyone of us has ideas every day. They may be small or large. They may be good ideas or lousy ideas. What matters is what we do with our ideas. You must take your idea and think it through and research it. Then, after determining that the idea has many more positives than negatives, and only then, should we act on the idea.

Let’s say you have an idea to put a dock system in the Allegheny River in Warren. Gee, a river with water. Guess we should have a dock. First, who would use the dock?

So, what kind of boaters would be most likely to use a dock in Warren? The most logical would be the family “recreational ” boater however there are none of those on the Allegheny in the Warren area because the water is not deep enough for a prop driven recreational boat. The group of power boaters that do run on the river are the fishermen with the water jet powered fishing boats. Are they going to use a dock in downtown Warren? Well, since most of them are customers of mine I posed that question, already knowing the answer. No. When a fisherman hits the river to fish, he or she is there to fish, not stop in town to go shopping.

Well, that leaves the non powered boats, kayaks and canoes. There are two groups that kayak in the river, the local boaters and the tourists. The local kayakers and canoers go on the river to paddle, not to stop and shop. When they are done boating, they load up and go home. If they want to go down town, they drive there after they clean up. The tourists that rent kayaks are on a time schedule. They leave from one point and are going to be picked up at a certain time by the livery at the ending point. They don’t have time to stop and shop and that is not why they are kayaking. They are kayaking to enjoy the solitude and wilderness that the river offers. They will go shopping when it is raining and they can’t be paddling. And the tourists who bring their own kayaks are here for the same reason. They all bring their coolers of drinks and food and enjoy the outdoors.

IF, and that is a big IF, a canoer or kayaker wanted to stop in downtown Warren I would think that the last place he or she would pick would be a dock. Have you ever tried to get into a kayak from a dock in a river area with swift current? Or even calm water for that matter. Not something that casual paddlers should be attempting. Canoes and kayaks are easiest to get in and out of if they are pulled up onto shore or are in very shallow water. If you ever watch any paddle boater around a dock they will always pull their craft up on the launch ramp, not use the dock.

The areas being suggested are also in a swift current. If someone really feels the need for a place for kayakers to land, put in a nice sloping area over by the Three Flags park. Calm water and a gentle sloping bank to traverse.

Lou Dussia