Towers fees

Dear editor:

I am interested in receiving a copy of the Warren County Housing Authorities Board of Directors for the year 2014.

If they are a federally funded agency why are they charging residents who don’t use their air conditioners?

They tell me the lease I signed approximately 5-6 years ago enables them to do so. My health condition doesn’t enable me to use mine right now. I know others in the Towers are using portable conditioners and have not been paying the fee. The staff denies this.

There is also not a feasible way to pick up parcels anymore. They must be gotten directly from the mail carrier. All chairs in the lobby have been removed because staff objected to residents sitting there to wait for the mailman,because residents were disturbing them. I have waited up to an hour for him to appear. My back is so bad I can’t stand this long. I’m sure other residents are distressed over this also.

Staff tells me I must pay for electricity which is approximately $47 a month. This buys me a week and one half of food. Or I could have my air conditioner removed from the window. If I find that I can use it again it will cost me $5 to have it taken out now and eventually re-installed.

If the towers are a HUD agency why are we subsidizing their electricity?

Barbara Perlstein