WCSD budget work cuts 57 jobs

Over 50 employees will lose their jobs as a result of the Warren County School District’s effort to balance the budget.

A total of 57 positions were presented for elimination in an informational report presented to the school board on Monday.

Of those 57, 20 are teachers, 25 are support staff who work six hours or more per day and an additional 12 are support staff who work less than six hours per day.

At a budgeted amount of $56,250 per teacher, the teacher cuts alone save the district $1,125,000.

Nine of the positions are at the elementary level, with four from Warren Area Elementary Center, two from Youngsville Elementary/Middle School and two more the presumed result of the consolidation of Russell and Sugar Grove at the Eisenhower complex, which is slated to start next school year. A combined elementary and family consumer science position was cut from YEMS, as well.

Seven of the secondary positions are labeled “itinerant,” meaning the individual was not assigned to a specific building. Building location was not given for a business computer information technology instructor. Additionally, an alternative education teaching position was cut as well as an English instructor at Youngsville High School.

At Monday’s board meeting, the board approved a request for a new itinerant German/family consumer science position for the 2014-2015 school year.

Of the 37 support staff positions listed for elimination in the coming months, all but six are slated to come from three elementary schools Russell, Allegheny Valley and Sugar Grove that are slated to be closed shortly.

While that might appear to leave AVES short-staffed in the fall before it closes in January, Director of Administrative Support Services Amy Stewart said that the positions eliminated at AVES will be re-created to indicate that the first semester will be at AVES while the second will be at the Sheffield K-12 complex.

She explained that the support union allows those people in jobs that were eliminated to bump into other positions and by re-creating the positions this way, now, the district will avoid having to go through the bump process now and then again in January.

The bumping meeting is slated to be held July 15.

Stewart told the Personnel/Athletics & Co-Curricular Committee that “it’s going to be a much smoother transition than going to a bumping meeting in January. There will be a lot of movement.”

The support cuts at Eisenhower and Sugar Grove “were a little more straight forward,” Stewart said, noting the district will “create what we need at the new building.”

The remaining positions eliminated include an electrician, a secretary to a director at central office, one building aide at each of Warren Area High School and WAEC, a cafeteria helper at YEMS and a central attendance area aide assigned to WAHS.

According to the informational report, the positions at Allegheny Valley and Russell, as well as the six just listed, are slated for elimination effective June 30. The positions at Sugar Grove will be eliminated August 22.