Conewango dam

Dear editor:

I read with great interest the article in the June 25th Observer about the removal of the dam behind the State Hospital. This person, Lisa Segedy, the associate director of the American Rivers Restoration Program sure makes it sound like this huge dam is creating a major obstruction for fish and is a huge detriment to kayakers and canoers.

From the sounds of the article it makes one think that this is some major death trap when in actuality only about one third of the dam actually remains in the creek. There is barely a riffle where the dam used to be. But this person, who may never have even set foot in the area, is making a determination to remove it at a huge expense.

And she goes on to state that several deaths have occurred in the vicinity of the dam. She never said that the dam caused any deaths. Most of the drowning deaths that I am aware of in that area were patients from the state hospital who walked away and wandered into the creek. The dam had nothing to do with their deaths. From her article I think she should start a career as a novelist. She can sure make something very mundane sound quite exciting.

Why disturb an area of the creek that is not causing any restrictions to fish migrating up or down the stream. And I know a lot of people who kayak that creek and not one has ever said they were worried about that dam. In fact, a couple didn’t even know it was a dam.

This sounds like some do gooder who is living off of the pubic dole and needs more projects to justify her job. Go take a look for yourself. If a fish can’t swim upstream the way it is now it won’t help him when it is gone, at public expense.

Lou Dussia