ROY benefit from WarrenGives

On May 14, the Revitalization Of Youngsville (ROY) was chosen to be part of the Warren Gives fundraising campaign sponsored by The Community Foundation of Warren County with match donors Betts Foundation, DeFrees Family Memorial Fund, Northwest Charitable Trust and the Sara Sokolski Family Fund. Pictured, from left, ROY vice president Joanne Oviatt, with Community Foundation Executive Director Dr. Charles MacKenzie, MD, and ROY grant coordinator Nancy Holmberg. During the event, Youngsville supporters contributed $1180 which generated a $222.76 match based on totals raised. In addition, on that day, more than $500 in checks were mailed to ROY to be used for Youngsville’s revitalization. Youngsville Mayor Jim Farr said, “Thank you to all those generous people who gave for the great benefit for this community.” For the past ten years community members and Warren friends, in partnership with the Youngsville Borough, have strived to renovate and beautify Youngsville’s downtown to make it a better place to live and work.