Dear editor:

I’m writing to express my concern about Warren Area School District continuously bringing up the idea of half-day kindergarten.

I thought the idea of a public education was to educate the children in the area, not to take academic opportunities away from them.

Early childhood is such an important time for children in their academic careers. This is the time when children build the foundations for their entire life. Around the state and country, people are advocating for more high-quality early childhood education.

“Pre-K for PA” is pushing for there to be pre-kindergarten accessible to all 3- and 4-year-old children throughout the state. Their website is filled with success stories of quality early childhood programs such as reducing the number of special education placements in higher grades, reducing the number of children being held back in later years, increasing graduation rates, increasing the number of students enrolling in college, and reducing the likelihood of at-risk students committing crimes later in life.

With so much stress on the importance of prekindergarten, it seems unthinkable that anyone would talk about cutting kindergarten down to half-days. We need high quality full-day kindergarten programs that are accessible to every five-year-old child in this county.


Katy Gess