June is Dairy Month; thanks farmers!

June is National Dairy Month, and the Warren County Dairy Princess team would like to thank our local dedicated dairy farmers of Warren County for all they do for the consumer and our community.

They work hard 365 days a year to provide a quality milk product for all of us to consume, according to Tara Sleeman, Dairy Princess, and Rachel Enos, alternate princess. They don’t get weekends or holidays off they work 7 days a week to keep their place going. You might ask how this affects you directly but they work the land and help protect our environment. They make the yummy dairy products everyone loves from cheese, ice cream, yogurt to the milk you drink. When you go to the grocery store take a look at the wonderful assortment of dairy products you get to choose from. It takes the farmer and his cows to produce the product with the help of other local businesses in our area. They support the local feed companies to purchase their feed; they have a local vet that helps for the herd health. Just like people cows need checkups too! The trucking company that has special trucks that haul our milk away to turn into the dairy products we love.

Not only do they provide us with dairy products but they serve our communities as well. Our local farmers are volunteer firemen/women, they help run 4-H dairy clubs working with our youth, they serve on electric boards, extension boards, church boards, the list is endless.

You will see a lot of these dairy farmers down at the Warren Co. Fair August 4-9 with their families showing their dairy cattle. You often hear at the fair we are on vacation with our extended family. Farmers do think of their fellow farmers as family and are always there to help each other out. From getting crops planted or harvested or when a disaster happens they are there for each other.

So the next times you drink that glass of milk remember the farmer that helped get it to you. We are honored to be able to help our local farmers by promoting the dairy industry by being part of the Warren County Dairy Princess team.