Council approves camping exception for July 4 holiday

While by ordinance it is illegal for people to camp in City of Warren parks, an exception was made for the 4th of July celebration.

City Administrator Mary Ann Nau acknowledged that camping is usually not permitted, according to recently-passed ordinance 1846, but explained that an exception can be made when designated by the city manager with a permit subsequently issued by city council.

Warren City Council unanimously approved such a permit during its Monday meeting.

Nau explained that the request is for the out-of-town vendors who are part of the celebration at Betts Park to be able to have the opportunity to stay there.

“Bates Brothers Amusements will be bringing in trailers for housing,” Nau said, noting that the city administration “would like to have them there (as) security for that equipment.”

Nau also said that individuals with the 4th of July organization “have rented equipment (so they) can go in and get cooled down…. Both of those will need some overnight camping accommodation.”

With the number of days to July 4 dwindling, Nau said that the “special events committee has approved everything they can. We’re down to the end as far as the approval process.

“There is a fee for that camping and they are well aware of that,” she added.