More paving in city

An additional $80,000 in paving is coming to the City of Warren.

As a result of unanimous Warren City Council action on Monday, the parking lot behind the municipal building and the road back to the Department of Public Works garage are now slated for repaving.

“As you know, our yard (refuse) dumpsters have changed from down at the sewer plant to the garage,” Department of Public Works Director Mike Holtz said to council.

That brings more public traffic to the DPW garage.

Holtz explained he took a blacktop contractor to those two locations and showed that person the areas. They concluded $80,000, which was originally proposed at a council meeting several weeks ago, should be sufficient.

“I also, as a third part of these monies, am considering hiring an inspector for the Russell Standard job to ensure the quality of that project,” he said. Russell Standard Corp. has been selected to pave a number of city streets.

That job represents more than $800,000 in paving that will occur on city streets in the coming weeks and months.

Councilman Gregory Fraser asked if the cost of the inspector would be covered within the $80,000. Holtz indicated that it would.

Mayor Maurice Cashman said the lot behind the municipal building is utilized by “a lot of city employees,” exposing the city to a liability concern, indicating he had the same fear of the road leading to the DPW garage.

“It’s in sad, sad shape,” he said. “It’s a safety issue.”