Panel tackles two nuisance mobile homes

The Warren County Blight Review Committee discussed a Town Line Road property with two dilapidated mobile homes on Thursday.

A resolution passed by the Pine Grove Township supervisors on April 8 declared the property a nuisance under the township’s nuisance ordinance because it is considered an attractive nuisance to children, is dilapidated, unsanitary, unsafe, vermin-infested; or lacks the facilities and equipment required for healthy habitation; or is a fire hazard or otherwise dangerous.

“Specifically, the Supervisors of Pine Grove Township declare that there exists upon said premises a property that is, because of lack of maintenance and a care and general neglect, in such a condition of disrepair that the only remedy would be the removal of said building and restoration of the lot,” the ordinance said.

The supervisors sent a certified letter on April 10 to Dorothy Zobrist in Tampa, Fla., and Gary Zobrist to the Russell property to inform them the property had been declared blighted and they have 30 days to remove or remedy the conditions of the property.

“If the proper steps are not taken to remedy this problem within 30 days, this will be forwarded to the Blighted Property Review Committee for further action,” the letter said.

On Thursday, the committee decided to send a letter to both Zobrists notifying them that they need to attend the next committee meeting to show there has been improvement and provide a written schedule to remove the mobile homes.

If neither Zobrist attends the meeting, the committee will send the property to the county planning commission to begin the blighted removal process.

The committee will meet again on Thursday, July 17 at noon in the conference room of the Warren County Courthouse.