Cleaning A Big Blue One…


“Big Blue,” the city’s parking garage on Clark Street is getting a makeover by a crew from the city’s Department of Public Works this week.

Shawn Tutmaher, Francis Baran and Helen Gustafson are working from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. through Friday. Tutmaher said, “The main thing, we are sweeping up, washing and doing general cleaning.”

Wednesday evening, he was replacing and repairing copper water lines that are only pressurized when needed for cleaning and repair work. He said the lines weren’t installed with the proper slope, and had sags that prevented proper drainage.

There are spigots on every floor, and opening the ones on top and bottom floors should allow the water to drain to prevent freezing and bursting pipes.

The stairwells were cleaned last Monday removing cobwebs and dust.

Tutmaher said 103 T-5 fluorescent lights were coming to replace the existing 100-watt metal halide bulbs. He said he had already replaced 354 fixtures, and the new bulbs are more efficient and will save the city money.

A multi-year, million-dollar repair project was completed in 2012 for cracks in the concrete.