School taxes

Dear editor:

Here it comes again property owners! As Times Observer reports on June 10, 2014 – a whopping 2.75 mills increase for property owners. Enough is enough! When does it stop? Is it worth being a property owner after you worked and saved to buy your home, pay it off and then you pay more and more every year.

Most of us did not get help buying our homes and property, but we now have to pay for all the school district’s health insurance and retirement! Who is going to pay for mine? If school enrollment is down and they throw the teachers out the window, why do we need all the administrators and superintendents who make a lot more money?

Let the school district pay for their own insurance and retirement if they want it.

It is about time someone realizes that everyone should help pay for school taxes. Eliminate property taxes and raise sales taxes, after all everyone buys food, clothes, cars, electronics etc. This way everyone can have the great feeling of doing their fair share!

I, like many others have worked hard without help from anyone to get what I want and pay for my own insurance so when can I have some extra money to start my retirement.

I am not stupid but I thought there had to be a vote in order to raise taxes more than one mill. I may be wrong but I will try to find out. I would like to go to the next meeting and I hope others do the same because talking about this or writing a letter only falls on deaf ears.

I would like to put my hard-earned money away for my retirement but I cannot afford to because I have to pay for the school district’s and it is only going to get worse.

My house will be for sale soon so I can rent!

Glenda Miller


Editor’s note: Pennsylvania Act 1 requires a local referendum if school tax millage rates exceed a certain plateau. Based on the formula in the act, the plateau changes from year to year according to a base index. The base index is calculated by averaging the percent increases in the Pennsylvania statewide average weekly wage and the Federal employment cost index for elementary/secondary schools. There are also excepted expenses.