Bike bids to be opened Friday

Tuesday was the final day to look over 45 bikes from the 2012-2013 lost and found bike auction for the City of Warren.

Michelle Krogler, operations clerk for the city police department, said around 35 bids, many listing multiple bikes, were received.

She said the bids will be opened at 10 a.m. Friday and the winners will be notified by mail.

“People can give me a call (after the bids are opened and awarded) if they are excited to know, or are going on vacation,” Krogler said.

The timing of the auction was approved by city council, she added, so that children could look over the bikes after the summer school break began.

“We already have four 2014 bikes for next year,” she said. The bikes found this year must remain in impound until the 2015 auction, to allow owners to claim lost bikes.

Krogler noted that council made the summer break auction timing a standing order, so it will be automatic in following years.