Pump station remodel will affect traffic


The City of Warren’s plan to remodel and upgrade the Pine Street pump station will begin on Monday and will see a portion of the road closed for approximately three months.

The intersection of Pine and Sill streets will be closed to traffic for approximately three months, Assistant Superintendent of Public Works Vincent Massa said in a letter distributed to residents of that neighborhood.

Pine Street residents will not have the ability to exit the southern end of Pine Street, and Sill Street residents will not be permitted to park on the street during the project. Sill Street will turn into a two-way street so residents can come and go with Walnut Street as their only entrance and exit.

Sill Street residents who do not have off-street parking will need to pakr on Walnut Street during the construction phase. Residents on Levee Street will be allowed to travel west to Pine Street but must turn onto Pine Street and head towards Pennsylvania Avenue.

“The City and its contractors appreciate your cooperation and will make every effort to complete this project in a timely manner,” Massa said.

Director of Public Works Mike Holtz said the pump stations were originally built in 1956. Pipeline Systems of Meadville will renovate and upgrade the Pine Street and Clark Street pump stations. Both sites will have larger building to accommodate larger pumps.

Construction started recently at the Clark Street location and Holtz said he anticipates the work will be done at both sites before winter.

The new pump stations are part of the larger wastewater treatment upgrade costing $25 million.