Letter response

Dear editor:

I take exception to Father’s Neff’s putdown of women raising children on their own. My grandmother, God rest her soul, raised 5 kids, took in another 3, and temporarily took in many more children and all while making slave wages working in a school cafeteria. My grandfather died at an early age and she worked hard to make a home for all these kids. Not one of those fatherless kids had any of the problems enumerated in his letter. I am tired of him and other conservative priest in the Catholic Church looking down on women. Now, they are going after nuns, who do much of the thankless grunt work of the church.

He needs to take a look around Warren County and see the many homes with a mother and father have the problems he discusses. He should speak with the judges and social workers and see the problems that some father cause for kids by staying in the homes. Father Neff writes as though having a mother and father in the home will end these problems. He is dead wrong. Some will be helped having a father but to generalize this statement to all families is foolish.

Father Neff would do more good for his parish if he took a hard look at himself. Father Neff should be more concerned with his own actions and the effect it is having on the souls of his flock and less on assigning blame for the social ills of the day and attacking good women.

Tom Taydus

High Point, N.C.