‘Big Blue’ needs some work



Part of the success of any parking plan in downtown Warren is more fully utilizing “Big Blue,” the Clark Street parking garage.

And that will require some work to make it a more desirable place to park.

Complaints have been made about the quality of the road surface to access the garage as well as the general cleanliness of the facility.

During Monday’s city council meeting, Councilman Dr. Howard Ferguson said that those complaints are “all things raised that have been raised previously. Administration is responding to those.”

Ferguson said the cement portion of the south end of Liberty Street is “being considered for repair” and that the city is “going to make that passable.”

He explained money has also been set aside for a “major clean-up and power washing of the garage and normal maintenance thereafter.

“Everyone on the committee… recognizes that the Clark Street garage has not been cleaned properly, has not been utilized properly,” he said.

City Manager Nancy Freenock said the lights on the first floor are also to be replaced and that security cameras will be installed.

Ferguson said that with the changes “the garage should be much more welcoming and safer.”

While he acknowledged that some spaces still drip and will require a solution in the future, Ferguson said, “We’re moving well on the Clark Street garage.”