Dear editor,

My wife and I were here from Kentucky for a family wedding last week. I picked up a paper to see what goes on in a small town. I haven’t seen a Monarch butterfly in years, so I thought I was hallucinating when I saw one on the front page of your paper. When it didn’t fly away, I smiled. Then I read the article. Not too long for a visitor to read. Eye-catching. Colorful. Nice work.

My wife checked 1millionbutterflies.org and emailed Katharyne. We found out that she has an art gallery in New York City and she invited us to an upcoming exhibit. Those butterflies are working their magic in more ways than one. Bringing people together in an out of nursing homes.

We don’t know anyone in a nursing home, but our friend teaches emotionally-challenged teens. We got a few butterfly prints for them.Turmoil is a fact of life in today’s world. People find it everywhere they turn, and that causes stress. This site could end some of that.

T.R. Miller

Hopkinsville, KY