Tax increase

Dear editor:

I would like to comment on the proposal to increase property taxes. This is a ruthless thing for our school district to do in view of some of the decisions that they make. A lot of people were hoping for a reduction, not an increase. This school board should be ashamed of even thinking of a tax increase.

Why is this? Because of recent actions or non-actions that they have recently taken. For example-

1. Previous superintendent used taxpayer money at the casino. No action has ever been taken to recover this money. Wouldn’t anyone else be prosecuted for such an action?

2. Previous superintendent was paid way too much money to pay for his move from York, Pa. He did not even buy a house. He came up here alone and rented. I have experienced the cost of a move from York and it does not cost nearly that much money to do that. Why was he not required to reimburse the district for that money??

3. The move of central office to Russell was an unwise move and costly. It would have made more sense to move that office to South Street. Their estimate of costs was way out of line. They could have found cheaper labor or volunteers to do a lot of this.

4. Speaking of South Street, why did they sell the building to the lowest bidder? They lost thousands of dollars on that sale. They had another bidder that was much higher. They said it was against school code to make that kind of sale. Screw the code. If you can make thousands more dollars, do it!

5. Why has there never been a cut in salaries for administration? They could afford to give up several thousand dollars of income and it would not hurt them one bit.

6. You are the ones that ran up this multi million dollar debt. Why do you think you have to pay it off all in one year? Most debts go on for a long time. You should have knocked out the debt when it hit $10,000 and not wait until it gets out of hand. Now you think you have to knock it out all at one time.

7. Every time you use the words “Tax increase”, substitute the words “Kicking people out of their homes”. Every time you increase taxes, I hear people say that they are going to have to leave their homes. Are you proud of that or don’t you even care? You say you always want to spend for the benefit of the kids. That is fine but sometimes you need to act for the benefit of the overburdened taxpayer as they have rights too.

People should be on the backs of these school board people big time and tell them you want the tax increase cancelled. This board needs to learn to stop wasting taxpayer money, like mentioned above, enforce the law when violations are made (like mentioned above), and start acting more responsibly.

Barry Keller,


Editor’s Note: The Warren County School District was reimbursed by former Superintendent Brandon Hufnagel for the money charged to the district credit card at a New York State casino at about the same time that he resigned his position.