Slow Pitch Corner…

Here are the standings, Week 4 scores and home runs, and Week 5 schedule for the Mike Kolos Memorial Sunday Slow Pitch Softball League, at Betts Park. Part of Week 4 was rained out.


A Division (*Week 4 games rained out)

Ace Hardware/Oneida 4-0

A&M Well Services 4-0

M&C Construction 4-0

Burns & Burns 3-1

Warren Tire Center 2-2

Bella Marie Photography Studios 1-3

Eagles Club 0-4

Lictus Oilers 0-4

Cronies Pub 0-4

B Division

Catfish 5-1

Interlectric 5-1

Kwik Fill 5-1

Wells’ Hog Wild BBQ 5-1

Midtown Motors 3-2

Hornburg Drilling 3-3

Penley’s Paintball Playground 3-3

Double D’s 2-4

Sheffield VFW 1-5

Ed Shults 0-5

Northwest Electrical Services 0-6

Week 4 results: Kwik Fill 15, Penley’s 5; Penley’s 19, Ed Shults 2; Wells Hog Wild BBQ 25, Hornburg 15; Wells Hog Wild BBQ 32, Midtown 30; Catfish 26, Northwest Electrical Services 5; Interlectric 27, Catfish 23; Interlectric 13, Sheffield VFW 9; Hornburg 19, Northwest Electrical Services 8; Double D’s 26, Sheffield VFW 20; Kwik Fill 16, Double D’s 6

Week 4 home runs:

Interlectric : Rudy Meighan 2, Scott Miller 1, Shaun Lauderdale 1, George Darr 1

Catfish: Kyle Ristau 1, Dave Cressley 1, Jake Retterer 1

Kwik Fill: Sean Ohara 3, Cody Vincent 1, Sam Pusateri 2, Scott Goldthwaite 1

Hog Wild BBQ: Nic Pace 5, Nick Manuel 1, Bad Bostjancic 2

Midtown: Dave Johnson 1, Mike Rulander 1

Penley’s: Travis Winans 1, Jake Rulander 1

Double D’s: Jim Guthrie 3

Sheffield VFW: Brandon Troutman 1

Northwest Electrical Services: Zack Cathcart 1

Week 5 Schedule (Sunday, June 15):

9 AM: Warren Tire Center vs. Lictus Oilers, Betts; Cronie’s vs. A&M Well Services, Foley; Ace Hardware vs. Bella Marie Photography, Brown

10:15 AM: M&C Construction vs. Warren Tire Center, Betts; Burns & Burns vs. Cronie’s, Foley; Eagles Club vs. Ace Hardware, Brown

11:30 AM: Bella Marie Photography vs. M&C Construction, Betts; Lictus Oilers vs. Burns & Burns, Foley; A&M Well Services vs. Eagles Club, Brown

12:45 PM: Catfish Softball vs. Kwik Fill, Betts; Northwest Electrical vs. DoubleD’s, Foley; Sheffield VFW vs. Ed Shults, Brown

2 PM: Interlectric vs. Penley’s Paintball Playground, Betts; DoubleD’s vs. Midtown Motors, Foley; Hornburg Drilling vs. Sheffield VFW, Brown

3:15 PM: Kwik Fill vs. Wells Hog Wild BBQ, Betts; Midtown Motors vs. Catfish Softball, Foley; Ed Shults vs. Northwest Electrical, Brown

4:30 PM: Wells Hog Wild BBQ vs. Interlectric, Betts; Midtown Motors vs. Ed Shults, Foley; Penley’s Paintball Playground vs. Hornburg Drilling, Brown