Bus contract

Dear editor:

I would like to publicly clear up a misconception concerning my father, Ken Shellhouse. It is not my father’s choice that Shellhouse Busing LLC will no longer service the Warren County School District.

On January 15, 2014, at the monthly school bus contractors meeting, the Director of Transportation informed everyone that there would be a 10 -minute break and then the new bus contract would be discussed. He then called my father and two other contractors, stating that he needed to see them in the other room. The three were informed by the Transportation Director that they were not being offered another contract with the WCSD.

He was also told that it had already been agreed upon by the school board. After 50 years of loyal service, as a bus contractor my father’s intentions were to turn the business over to his children. He was never offered an opportunity to explain his plans. According to the Transportation Director, the decision was already made.

At the end of the 2013-2014 school year, Shellhouse Busing LLC will longer be a service to the WCSD.

The way my father was informed of this decision, in my opinion, was very unprofessional. I emailed the Superintendent of WCSD and asked, under the right to know law for a copy of this decision. I received an email back from the Open Records Officer stating that my request was being denied as there was no record of a decision being made. She specifically stated “As a point of clarification, during an informational presentation by Mr. Kiehl to the Board, regarding the District’s transportation negotiations, Mr. Kiehl advised the Board that when the contracts came up for renewal, he would be recommending at a future, public meeting that certain contractors not be renewed as contractors. The board merely received this information from Mr. Kiehl as a part of his informational presentation. The Board has made no decisions on who the transportation contractors will be and will not do so until such time as recommended contracts are presented and voted on by the Board at a future, public meeting. I then called and spoke to the Superintendent. He claimed that this decision was made at an informational meeting and we are not privy to that info.

Even though this is not in any way, shape or form the way my father planned on ending his business known as Shellhouse Busing LLC, a valuable lesson has been learned. Remember, snakes don’t have arms.

I have always been taught to get respect you need to give it so I would like to publicly let my father know that all his years of service to the hundreds of children in our area has been very much appreciated.

Debbie Nelson