Booster Clubs

Dear editor:

Ladies and gentleman, the season is upon us when you will find numerous young athletes and their parents out and about trying to raise monies for various booster organizations.

The summer months bring an urgency for these boosters to raise the bulk of their money when the turns better to prepare for the next school year. I myself am a member of two and can’t express in words how much an honor it is for me to help these young people in any way possible.

The landscape of Warren County extracurricular activities has changed drastically over the last 20 years. Most rely heavily on donations and fundraisers just to survive.

To the general public and local businesses I would say thank you and please continue to give to whichever booster you support. To the parents of the children involved in these activities I would ask you to get involved with their booster club, whether it be a few hours in the concession stand at the fair or brainstorming better ideas to help them raise money. As a member, I can assure you, it’s very rewarding!

David L. Myers, Jr.