Little League

Brandon Forslund was 3-for-4 on Wednesday, and is 7-for-9 over two games, for United Refining Company in Boys Training.

Jakobe Anthony had two doubles and a home run for Eagles Club, which had six extra-base hits in a Boys Training game.

Eric Dippold and Johnny Palmieri each had an unassisted double play for Exchange Club, and Dippold homered, in a Boys Training game that featured six extra-base hits.


Hoffner Excavating played Whirley DrinkWorks. 2b-Tristan Shepherd (H), Colby Barr (W).

United Refining Company played Means Sales & Service. 2b-Tommy Nyquist (U), Matt DeSimone (U), Owen Blum (M) 2, Waylan Moore (U), Andrew Bailey (U), Bradley Pierce (U), Garrett Dunham (U). HR-DeSimone (U).

Eagles Club played Warren Fence Company. 2b-Brady Berdine (W), Luke Becker (E), Owen Becker (E), Jakobe Anthony (E) 2. 3b-Owen Becker (E). HR-Anthony (E).

Exchange Club played AVAS. 2b-Eric Dippold (E), Maysen Wonderling (E), Shawn Pascuzzi (E), Cole Kellogg (A), Griffin Williams (A). HR-Dippold (E).