School cuts

Dear editor:

In regard to school board tentative cuts. 1st – It makes no sense to cut kindergarten from full-day to half-day and run buses extra time to take home and pick up in mid-day. (Most drivers work other jobs as well as parents).

2nd – You want to cut teachers and overload the remaining teachers. So no one gains, especially the students because teachers will have no time for extra help.

3rd – A mention was made for staff wage freeze what about central office? Is appears that the central office staff want to be sure they get theirs (and) their pensions!

4th – Since our homeowners taxes are to go up. Guess that’s where central office raises and pensions are coming from!

Hope that the school closings work and that the K-12 at Eisenhower goes smoothly or at least few problems.


A concerned grandmother

Ellie Dann