Jury returns guilty verdicts

A Warren man was found guilty on all counts during as the result of a jury trial on June 9.

According to a press release from the Warren County District Attorney’s office, Zebuli Petrof, 120 Snow Ridge Lane, Warren, was found guilty of one count of theft of property and one count of receiving stolen property, both first-degree misdemeanors.

The trial stems from an incident that occurred on July 27, 2012.

According to the press release, “the defendant took a purse from a shopping cart at Walmart, belonging to the victim, Pearl Lydon, and failed to make reasonable measures to resture (sic) the property to the owner.”

Both charges come with a maximum five years incarceration and $10,000 fine. Neither charge has a mandatory sentence.

Judge Gregory Hammond presided over the trial. District Attorney Robert Greene prosecuted the case for the Commonwealth while Assistant Public Defender Alan Conn represented Petrof.