Little League…

Konnor Hoffman had a big day at the plate with a home run and a double for Hoover Oil Supply in a Boys’ Training League game against Real Living Avista. Konnor Hoffman was 3-for-3 while Ben Hoffman and Aiden Zdarko each went 4-for-4.

Eric Dippold blasted four doubles for and Derek Childs added one for Warren Exchange Club. Caden Beers and Owen Blum each doubled for Means Sales and Service.

In Boys’ Juniors action, Rod Johnson Construction topped Cornerstone Lounge, 12-11. Alex Moore, Nathan Betts, and Adam Irwin each had two hits in the win, and Adam Munksgard picked up the win on the mound for Rod Johnson.

Tommy Nyquist and Matt DeSimone combined for five extra-base hits and five outs on defense for United Refining in a Boys Training game. Judd Demers played well defensively during the game for Warren Fence Company.


Real Living Avista played Hoover Oil Supply. 2b-Ryan Cambers (R), Konnor Hoffman (H), HR-Konnor Hoffman (H).

Warren Exchange Club played Means Sales and Service. 2b-Eric Dippold (E) 4, Derek Childs (E), Caden Beers (M), Owen Blum (M).

United Refining played Warren Fence Company. 2b-Matt DeSimone (U), Waylon Moore (U), Bradley Pierce (U), Garrett Dunham (U), Andrew Bailey (U), Jackson Shaw (W). 3b-Nyquist (U) 3. HR-DeSimone (U).


Rod Johnson Construction 440 04 – 12 11

Cornerstone Lounge413 30 – 11 3

2b-Joey Sedon (C), Nathan Betts (R), Adam Irwin (R). WP-Adam Munksgard.