Our opinion: Catching the cretins

We could use this space to simply express our disgust and revilement over the vandalism that has occured recently at city parks.

OK, we are both disgusted and reviled as, we are sure, is virtually everyone who read last Friday’s front page.

Now, let’s move on to what we do about it.

First, we need to catch the cretins. And, since they lack both the courage and the brain power to devise ways to commit their crimes during anything other than the dead of night, may we suggest an active or passive system of 24-hour surveillance. With the price of passive surveillance equipment coming down to the level of a homeowner’s budget, it’s not so astronomical as to be out of the question.

Yes, it could involve some expense, but the city is also paying to clean up their dirtywork and damage. Potential vandals should know they are being watched.

Lock up the restrooms at 5 p.m. Reopen them at 9 a.m.

Sorry for the inconvenience, folks, but people who find pleasure in wrecking toilets and building campfires in bathrooms force us to do this.

Now, on to punishment, which should be deterrant enough, but apparently is not.

For any punishment to be successful, two things must be included:

1. It must be sufficiently severe to cause anyone contemplating an expression of their stupidity on public property to think long and hard before doing it. Restitution is only part of it.

2. It must be public. Oh, for the days of the pillory. If the perpetrators are juveniles, the secretive nature of the juvenile court system makes it difficult to identify them in a public forum. However, if they are a day over 18, we would suggest that, if found guilty, their identities be clearly displayed in such a forum, like this one.

These people are robbing you, not just of the tax revenue required to repair their damage, but also of your ability as a law-abiding citizen to enjoy the beautiful amenities this place has to offer.