Midtown Motors donates equipment to Russell VFD

Russell Volunteer Fire Department has a new member Little Anne AED Training System.

Warren Midtown Motors, the National Automobile Dealer’s Charitable Foundation, and Pennsylvania Automotive Association (PAA) teamed up to donate a cardio pulmonary resuscitation unit, Little Anne, to the Russell VFD.

Bonnie Schwanke, president of the Russell VFD, said they hope to train as least 10 members on the unit on what to do when a person has a heart attack.

“It is a big deal to us, it really means a lot,” she said.

CPR training teaches a person how to keep the heart beating while waiting for professional help to arrive. The CPR unit gives signals telling when the trainee is applying the right pressure in the right spot or breathing correctly into the victim’s mouth. With training, the students learn the “feel” of giving quick lifesaving emergency treatment.

Matt Rhodes of the PAA said, “If the right kind of treatment can be given to a heart attack victim within seconds after he or she is stricken, the chances are good that the life can be saved.”