Pa. hunting licenses go on sale June 9

Hunting season is still several months away, but it’s time to start thinking about it.

Licenses will go on sale June 9, according to Warren County Treasurer Dennis Munksgard, and will be available at a number of locations in the county and on the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s website.

The next important date is July 14 – the second Monday in July. The first round of antlerless license applications opens on that date.

Antlerless applications must be mailed to county treasurers in the provided pink envelopes. They cannot be submitted in person, shipped by any other method, nor mailed in anything but the official pink envelope enclosed in the booklet that hunters receive when they buy a license.

And, applications won’t be held if they arrive on Friday, July 11 or before. Applications that arrive at the treasurer’s office before July 14 will be returned, per Game Commission regulation.

“It hurts your chance to get what you want,” Munksgard said.

The treasurer’s office does not receive mail on Saturdays.

Hunters do not have to apply for antlerless licenses through their home county treasurer, nor through the county in which they wish to hunt. Any treasurer can process antlerless licenses for any wildlife management unit (WMU) in the state.

Munksgard said the two WMUs in Warren County are among the first to sell out.

This year, there will be fewer tags for the county. The number of licenses available in WMU 1B is 30,000 – down from 31,000 last year. In WMU 2F, the number is down 2,000 – from 29,000 to 27,000.

Landowners who have more than 50 acres may apply for a landowner doe license.

Those looking for landowner tags must apply for them prior to the beginning of the regular antlerless application period.