Exchange students gather one last time

Several students have been attending Warren Area High School and living with various host families in the area. All of the students have tried several different sports and have made many treasured memories to take home.

Ben Auzou from France, hosted by Tammy and Joe Lent, participated on the swim team and tennis team.

Lara Preissler from Germany, hosted by Tammy and Joe Lent, cheered on the junior varsity squad and ended her year participating on the track team.

Lina Dreessen from Germany, hosted by Cherry and Ralph McIntyre, has made many friends both at her host family’s church and school and also participated on the track team.

Madleen Kremer, also from Germany, hosted by Kristin Eames and John Huber, participated on the softball team and has made so many memories here, that when asked what her best memory was she replied “she has had so much fun with her host family and new friends she couldn’t possibly pick a favorite”.

Over the past years Warren Area High School has opened their doors to these and many other ASSE Exchange Students. It is a wonderful opportunity not only for the exchange students but for the many friends and families that these students meet while they are here. It is opportunity for all to build lasting lifelong friendships. The students arrive here through an organization referred to as ASSE, an organization sponsored by the State Department. ASSE, The State Department and the various countries the students are from work together to ensure that the students arrive safely and enjoy their time in the United States.